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Text Loan : Requirements for Loan Approval

The eligibility criteria for these loans are very simple as listed below. If you meet these requirements your application would be processed without any delay. The further verification of the details provided by you would decide if you qualify for approval or not.

The complete loan is simple and can be categorized into 4 steps

Step 1- Your Online Application

You can apply for your text loan account through this website. Just visit the application form and submit all the details required. You can be sure of the security of your information as we only share these details in encrypted format with the certified financial institutes in the UK.

Step 2- Loan Approval

You can receive multiple/single quotations through phone/email within few hours. Though it is not guaranteed that your application would be approved, but applying through this website has higher chances of loan approval.

Step 3- Account Creation

Just when you have reviewed the offers made to you, you will need to sign an agreement for a text loan account online. Once done, your lender will process the application further and assign you a loan account which you can use to avail cash up to 100 anytime only by sending a text SMS.

Step 4- Loan repayment

The repayment terms as discussed at the time of getting a loan account would apply every time you borrow cash using this account. Further details like due date, penalties (if any) would depend on different circumstances. So, you can always revert to your lender and confirm details after obtaining cash advances.

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